Have You Used These 2019 WildApricot Updates Yet?

WildApricot Updates January 15, 2020

Kate Hawkes

By Kate Hawkes

If you’re one of the thousands of WildApricot users who voted for the updates they wanted to see in 2019 – thank you! All the feedback you’ve shared with us via the Wishlist forum, Facebook group and support channels have inspired us to make some important changes over the past year to help you get the most from WildApricot.  


Some of these changes have involved adding new features (such as the QR code check-in), while others have been updates that you might not have tried out yet. If you’d like a recap of what changed in WildApricot software this year, read on! For each update I’ve linked an article that will explain more about how to use it, so hopefully you’ll be inspired with new ways to run your organization with WildApricot in the coming year. 


In this post, you’ll learn:


2019 in numbers

WildApricot by numbers infographic



Recurring donations (Version 7.0) 

You can now enable recurring donations with just a few clicks, so your donors can sign up to give regularly. That means less hassle for them, and more stable donations revenue for your organization.  


Click here to learn more.


One click checkout (Version 7.0) 

Set up one click checkout

By checking one box customers can securely store their payment details, so they don’t have to enter their information every time they make a payment. Making the checkout process quicker and easier means people are more likely to complete their purchase and more likely to make another purchase in the future.  


Click here to learn more.


Recurring donations and one click checkout are only available for organizations using WA Paymentsclick here to find out more




QR code check-in (Version 7.4) 

Mobile app QR code gif

Check in each attendee in under 3 seconds by scanning the unique QR code that is automatically sent to them. The system will notify you if there are issues (such as a code being used twice or if the registration fee hasn’t been paid yet), so you can get check-in done in a fraction of the time and focus on running a great event. 


Click here to learn more.  


Attachments (Version 6.18) 

Make event sign-up even easier by requesting supporting documents such as certificates or presentation proposals as part of the registration process. Save your admins the hassle of going back and forth with registrants – the documents registrants submit are automatically linked to their registration details.  


Click here to learn more.




Email editor (Version 7.6) 

With the completely revamped email editor, you can get creative with email design by building your own layout with drag and drop gadgets. Add and edit buttons, text, images and dividers in just a few seconds, and get more consistent results in different platforms, devices and email readers. 


Click here to learn more.

 Email editor short

Newsletter manager role (Version 7.3) 

With this update you can give your newsletter manager access to emailing, without giving them access to your whole account. You can limit an admin to just newsletter manager access or combine it with other access rights to fit each role. This helps you keep your account secure and also save time by not having to train every admin in all modules.  


Click here to learn more.


Account Admin

Webhooks (Version 6.21) 

Set up integrations with other products and services by using webhooks, with triggers including new payments, refund or invoices, canceled event registrations, or changes to membership settings. For example, sync your WildApricot events with Google calendars or Outlook calendars.  


Click here to learn more.

Set up webhooks 

Let’s encrypt self-serve (Version 7.0) 

If you use a custom domain, it’s now easier than ever to make your website secure. You can set up traffic encryption to secure your domain and let users know it’s safe to use with just a few clicks directly from your admin view.  


Click here to learn more.  




Delivery in online store (Version 6.17) 

You can now set up delivery options for products in your online store. Create multiple different shipping options and prices, including pickup options for local customers. 


Click here to learn more.

 Add delivery options

Store manager role (Version 7.3) 

You can choose to give limited admins access to your online store so they can manage products, orders, and more, without needing full access to your account. Keep your sensitive data secure and save time on training by customizing the access each admin has on a need-to-know basis. 


Click here to learn more.




Your account has had several UI (user interface) updates in 2019 to help make the experience of using the software smoother:  

  • Updating the look and feel of the admin backend – new colors and design to match the rest of the Personify family and give WildApricot a more modern feel (Version 7.0). 

  • Splitting the website builder into a separate module, to make it more stable to use and to allow us to give you updates to the website builder more frequently (Version 7.5) 

Now, we’re updating the navigation menu in the admin view to make the way you use WildApricot more efficient. You’ll get enhanced help and support options and a simplified settings page (coming in Version 7.8) 


Click here to learn more.  

 New navigation collapse sidebar gif cropped 

Mobile Apps 

Event waitlist in admin app (Version 3.4) 

Waitlist registration example

Make events run more smoothly for your members by managing your waitlist directly from your mobile device. You can update waitlist settings, including choosing which information to collect, view everyone who’s on your event waitlists, and remove people or register them for the event, all with just a few taps. 


Click here to learn more.


Mobile finances (Version 3.5)

mobile finances gif - invoices followup resized

Keep on top of your organization’s finances even when you’re away from your desk, by using the Finances module to view or email unpaid invoices, review members’ financial history, and accept credit card payments. 


Click here to learn more.


Here’s what you can expect to see in 2020 

  • Revamp your members-only pages with improved website customization, including colors and styles 

  • Track membership with a more robust reporting system 

  • Keep members engaged no matter where they are, with ongoing improvements to member and admin mobile apps  

  • Convert more contacts to members and reconnect with lapsed members using improved email marketing features 

Plus lots of other features inspired by your feedback in the Wishlist Forum.  


Want to learn more about what's coming next?

Join us for our user conference, PersoniFest, on April 5-8 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. As well as dozens of sessions to help you grow your organization and training from the WildApricot Coaches, you'll learn what's coming up this year for Personify products, and you'll get to ask our experts your questions one-on-one. 

Click here to learn more.


That’s a wrap for 2019! If you’re excited to see the updates coming in 2020, I recommend joining in the discussion on the WildApricot Facebook group and keeping an eye on your inbox to see notifications about new features.  


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