Getting Started With Volunteer Recruitment

Getting Started With Volunteer Recruitment
Table of Contents

  • About this Guide
    1. Pre-Recruitment Planning
    2. Targeting Potential Volunteers
    3. Outreach and Screening
    4. Follow-Up and Orientation

About this Guide

Many organizations struggle to recruit volunteers. So we decided to create a guide to help the volunteers and staff of small non-profits and membership organizations that may be new to volunteer recruitment.

While researching this topic, we realized that it can be difficult to offer a generic guide to cover all volunteer recruitment needs. And since many organizations are often looking for volunteers to assist with events, we’ve focused this guide on recruiting event volunteers.

We’ve divided this Getting Started guide into 4 sections that offer an overview of how you might approach volunteer recruitment for events, as well as a list of additional resources.

Volunteer Recruitment Checklist:

Once you’ve reviewed this guide, you can check out the Volunteer Recruitment Checklist - which offers some steps to follow if you are new to recruiting volunteers for non-profit or membership events.

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