Getting Started With Volunteer Recruitment

4. Follow-Up and Orientation

Getting Started With Volunteer Recruitment
Table of Contents

    1. Pre-Recruitment Planning
    2. Targeting Potential Volunteers
    3. Outreach and Screening
    4. Follow-Up and Orientation

Effective follow-up communication and orientation can be critical to both an event’s success and the volunteering experience. All volunteers involved – both new recruits as well as past volunteers –
should receive:

Volunteer Notification:

  • Once you’ve made the decision about who you are bringing onboard as volunteers and which roles they’ll play, be sure that each individual gets a call to welcome them and confirm their role or else to thank them and let them know if their services aren’t required.
  • This call should be followed up by official notification by email or letter (see below).

Official Confirmation:

You should confirm the volunteer commitment through an email or letter with all of the pertinent details,
such as:

  • job description
  • time commitment
  • date and time of event
  • supervisor details & contact information
  • meeting schedule


While orientation sessions will differ depending on the volunteer job tasks, here is an overview of the type of information you might want to include in your orientations:

  • An overview of the organization – its mission, vision, values
  • Description of the event and its objectives (show a video, photos, etc.)
  • Outline of the specific volunteer job and tasks
  • Details on planning – schedule of meetings, activities, list of responsibilities, etc.
  • Information on event location; resources that pertain to their role; necessary record or document keeping and support systems.
  • Confirm their contact information and provide contact information for their volunteer supervisor and an alternate contact

Promoting a Positive Volunteer Experience

Once your volunteers are in place, be sure to keep the lines of communication open and recognize volunteers’ efforts to promote a positive volunteer experience.  With effective planning and tools in place, the volunteer recruitment and retention process should be streamlined and less stressful.  

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