Presenting Wild Apricot To Your Board

You’re sold on Wild Apricot but need help convincing your board to make the move. Here is a PowerPoint presentation that will help.

Our All-In-One Membership Management Made Easy presentation offers a summary of:

  • key software features for:
    • managing members
    • website management
    • event coordination
    • email campaigns
    • online payments
  • essential resources we offer to help you connect with your peers as well as to build and grow your organization
  • details on our turnkey solution (that is secure, private), our terrific customer support and our product roadmap
  • help articulating why you should switch – so you can stop wasting time and resources and focus on your core purpose
  • pricing information
  • customer testimonials & website examples

Download the presentation:

You can download the presentation as a PowerPoint or PDF here:

We hope this helps you demonstrate to your board or other stakeholders that Wild Apricot offers you  all-in-one membership management made easy.



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Please include a link to if you copy, distribute or re-transmit any of the documents that make up this guide. For permissions beyond the scope of this license, contact us.

See for yourself how easy to use and affordable Wild Apricot is:


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