The Nonprofit Content Marketing Cookbook

by Kivi Leroux Miller

It can be daunting for nonprofits to create and curate content for all of your communications channels, such as your website, blog, newsletters, direct mail, and social media. But the reality is that fresh content is critical to connecting with and maintaining the support of your donors or members.  Maybe it’s time to consider embracing content marketing.

As Kivi Leroux Miller suggests in the introduction to The Nonprofit Content Marketing Cookbook:

Content marketing for nonprofits is creating and sharing relevant and valuable content that attracts, educates, motivates, and inspires your participants and supporters so that they can help you achieve your mission.

Nonprofits have always embraced content marketing. We just didn‘t call it that. All that stuff you‘ve been creating for years – newsletter articles, direct mail letters, press releases – is content.

In this e-book, Kivi helps “you brainstorm content ideas that will work for your nonprofit, give those ideas structure, and then create a plan to produce and distribute that content.”  This guide offers ideas and guidance on topics such as:

  • Nourishing Your Community: Content Marketing Strategies for Nonprofits
  • Stocking Your Pantry: The Type of Content To Create
  • Prep Chefs: Curating Content Produced by Others
  • Reheating and Remixing: Repurposing Your Content
  • Planning the Menu: Building Your Editorial Calendar
  • Equipping Your Kitchen: Tools That Make the Content Marketing Easier


In addition, this e-book includes a “Content Marketing Strategy Worksheet” to help you get started.

If you want to get started with content marketing, you can register to download this free e-book by clicking on the link below.

The Nonprofit Content Marketing Cookbook (, 2013)

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