The New Volunteer Coordinator:  The First 90 Days

by Tobi Johnson Tobi Johnson & Associates

Tobi Johnson understands that “volunteer management is a tough job, especially when you’re just starting out ... and the title “Volunteer Coordinator” has been tacked on to a growing list of job responsibilities.” That’s why she’s written this new eBook which offers “21 big picture tips to rock your volunteer program.”

This eBook offers insight that Tobi gleaned from her “25 years of direct experience at all levels of the nonprofit sector -- from volunteer to head honcho.” And while it was designed for folks new to the volunteer manager role, it might also offer some fresh inspiration for veteran volunteer coordinators as well. 

The book is split into three sections that cover the broad range of activities new volunteer managers should try to undertake during their first few months on the job. In Part 1, Johnson starts by framing the role of a volunteer manager in a thoughtful light, as “that of a resourceful matchmaker, one who can wed the passion volunteers have for a cause with an organization that can help them make a difference in their chosen arena.”

In Part 2, Johnson explains how to “tap into the power of networks” by building internal and external networks and partnerships and how to “Solidify the Relationship and “Tend the Garden.”

Part 3 offers new volunteer managers insight into the “magic and alchemy in a successful volunteer-organization relationship” – how to shape expectations and engage the hearts and minds of your volunteers, as well as how to track volunteer efforts, design volunteer roles and write job descriptions.

Johnson also offers a case example of “Building a Mentoring Program from Scratch” as well as “Bonus Time-Saving Tips.”

You can download the revised version of this free EBook here:

The New Volunteer Coordinator: The First 90 Days  (Tobi Johnson)

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