Membership Renewal Guide

4. Follow-up & acknowledging renewals

Of course the renewal process isn’t complete until you’ve acknowledged and thanked the member for their renewal payment. This is an important final step. Luckily, most Association or Membership Management Software (such as Wild Apricot) offers automated, customizable renewal confirmation emails. But as we note in the final section of this guide, your renewal communications, including the thank-you email or letter, should be considered as part of an on-going, year-round membership communications continuum – with consistent key messaging of thanks for their support and appreciation for their continued involvement. 

While renewal reminders may talk about accomplishments, your thank-you note might include details of upcoming activities or issues that demonstrate the value of membership and prompt ongoing participation.

While we didn’t include questions about renewal acknowledgements in our survey, here is what the ASAE center Associapedia notes on the topic:

“... there is nothing worse than sending off your money and getting no response whatsoever, so it’s important that you let members know that you appreciate their renewal. Options include:

  • Automatic “thank you” page/receipt for online renewals
  • Automatic “thank you” email once payment is processed
  • Thank you note/letter
  • Membership packet
  • Dated membership card
  • Dated membership certificate (can be set up as print-on-demand)


This Software Automates Renewals and Reminders for You

One of the biggest complaints I hear from membership managers is how much time it takes to process member renewals by hand. Fortunately a software exists that completely automates renewals for you so you never have to lift a finger again. It's called Membership Management Software and it do much more than automate renewals.

Membership Management Software is an all-in-one management solution for any type of membership organization. It completely automates new member and event registrations, website updates, database updates, finances, newsletter emails, and more. It saves some organizations up to 20 hours a week in administrative work.

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Membership Renewals

Membership Renewals

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