Membership Renewal Guide

2. How many renewal notices?

Common practice:

  • Our Membership Renewal Survey found that:
    • 43% of small associations sent out 3 renewal reminders
    • 32% reported sending out 2 reminders.
  • The Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report found that (in 2012):
    • 40% had 4 to 6 renewal contacts
    • 23% had 7 to 9 renewal contacts
    • 20% had 1 to 3 renewal contacts

Once again, the survey data suggests that smaller organizations, perhaps understandably, send out fewer renewal notices. It’s also possible that smaller membership groups have found that 2-3 renewal reminders are optimal for their organizations.

The ASAE Associapedia suggests that “A good general rule is that as long as the revenue generated is greater than the cost to send the invoice, send it.”

If you are only sending out one notice and/or an invoice, but are not finding this too successful, it may be time to consider additional renewal notices – if so, think about varying your communications methods and messages as suggested below. Even if you are using automated renewals through a Membership Management system (such as Wild Apricot’s), you can set up customized emails, varying the message in each communications piece.

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