Membership Renewal Guide

Automating the renewal process

Automation of renewals – through an Association or Membership Management System or software – and online payment options can streamline the renewal process for both the organization and its members and reduce the resources required for renewal procedures. An automated process can be especially effective if you’re on a rolling membership cycle, since the system will generate automatic renewal notices based on each member’s anniversary date.

With software (such as Wild Apricot) you can customize text and dates for automated emails, such as:

  • Reminder emails
  • Grace period email notices
  • Lapsed email notices
  • Renewal notifications (e.g., “Renewal pending” email, “Renewal Confirmed” and “Recurring renewal failed”)

But remember, while the automation process helps you send out and track member renewals, the messages in these emails are as important as the medium.  As noted above, be sure that you keep key messaging consistent, while varying the actual contents of each piece.

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