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Organization Grows Over 300% in 3 years

Membership growth as stagnant as a pond? This case study will show you how one organization achieved a near-impossible level of growth in only 3 short years.
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2014 Small Membership Survey Report - Executive Summary

This article offers excerpts from our 2014 Small Membership Survey Report's executive summary, as well as a link to download the full report.
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2014 Small Membership Survey Presentation

Here is a brief presentation that offers highlights of our 2014 Small Membership Survey Report.

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Guide to Connecting With and Recruiting Younger Members

This is a compendium of highlights and links to 10 resources that will help you better understand Millennials.

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Multi-Chapter Benchmarking Survey Highlights

This article offers highlights from our Multi-Chapter Benchmarking Survey - offering insight into the benefits, needs, and challenges that are unique to organizations with multiple chapters, branches or affiliates.
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8 Tips for Improving Membership Renewal Letters and Emails

This article offers some tips and ideas to keep in mind as you develop this year’s membership renewal letter or email.
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Membership Renewal Letter Checklist

Here is a brief checklist to help ensure your membership renewal letter or email is effective.
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How to Build a Better Membership Application Form

Here are ideas and tips for building a new membership application or fine-tuning your existing form.
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Membership Application Form Checklist

Here is a checklist you can use as a reference when reviewing your existing membership application or creating a new form.
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Small Membership Insight Survey Highlights (2013)

This article offers highlights of key findings from our recent Small Membership Insight Survey, including an overview of: who participated in our survey; what a small membership organization looks like; budgets and funding sources; does size matter?; and the state of the small membership organization.

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Tips for Building Membership Engagement

This article offers tips, ideas and resources for leveraging key engagement touchpoints, including: engaging members through your website; enabling two-way communication and content promotion through online communities; and engaging members through social media.
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How to Start a Club

This article was created to help individuals or groups that are starting a club. It offers five steps to consider as you get started: Identify the Club’s Objectives; Determine the Club’s Structure; Define Your Membership; Outline the Financial Structure; and Develop Tools for Outreach and Engagement.
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