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Building a Better Board

This guide offers ideas, insight and resources for Board Chairs or the staff coordinating the board of an association, club or non-profit – to help you invigorate your board, so that all members are engaged, fully participating, and the team operates at optimal capacity to help move your organization forward.

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A New Way To Think About Leadership Development

In this article, Raven Deerwater, Ph.D. and Trish Hudson, MPsSc (Melos Instituteexplain that associations and other membership-based organizations need to empower their volunteers and volunteer leaders by strengthening and building their leadership capacity. It's also about realizing that some members contribute greatly by serving as leaders/mentors to their fellow members, yet never assume a leadership position.


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New Year Planning Checklist

This brief checklist outlines some of the tasks your non-profit or membership organization needs to address to get the New Year off to a great start.
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Developing a Board Recruitment Process

This article - intended for those who are new to board recruitment or looking to refresh an existing process – offers an overview of a 4-step board recruitment process to get you started.
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Secret to Getting Boards to Address Critical Issues

Is a ‘dead moose’ hindering your board’s progress? This article explains the importance of using tools to provide volunteers and staff with essential personal leadership skills and tools (such as the Ground Rules PDF in the article) to ensure that meetings address critical issues and move your mission forward.
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Leaders Aren’t Born, They’re Trained

This article from the Melos Institute offers an overview of what is essential in developing an effective leadership program.
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The Plan - Your Tool to Generate Participation and Achieve Productivity

This article from the Melos Institute suggests that an effective plan can be a valuable tool to guide and manage your leadership team toward high performance.
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Today's "Board Orientation" Just Isn’t What It Used to Be!

This article from the Melos Institute offers a new perspective on and tips for approaching board orientation, including creating custom agendas.
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