How Crowdsourcing Can Help Your Nonprofit

by Soha El Borno (Idealware)

As this Idealware article suggests, “[i]n the last few years, the rise of social media and new technologies made it easier to reach and engage a broader audience. But how can your organization harness the power of the crowd to help achieve your mission?... Crowdsourcing can help you harness the crowd to increase awareness, cultivate new volunteers, gather information and even get work done—all for a minimal investment.”

To create this article, Soha El Borno “asked nonprofit experts and professionals for crowdsourcing best practices and techniques that have worked for them.”  The resulting article offers: 

  • “the Whys and How’s of Crowdsourcing and how you can put it to work for you; 
  • the five categories of crowdsourcing; 
  • “real-world examples of nonprofits that have used them successfully.”
  • “Tips for Successful Crowdsourcing keep in mind that will help ensure your success.”
In wrapping up the article, Soha El Borno suggests, “Crowdsourcing is a mindset.” It “provides many opportunities for nonprofits to tap the power of crowds. If you have a task, question or idea you want to explore, there are many ways to reach and involve people. Always look for opportunities to ask questions or seek feedback from your volunteers, donors, newsletter subscribers, clients, the local community or any community.”

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