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How To Write Effective Meeting Minutes

This article offers tips and information for volunteers and/or staff of small non-profits and membership organizations who are new to the task of preparing meeting minutes for committees or Boards of Directors.
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Annual Report Checklist

A list of questions to help guide those new to annual reports get started with annual report planning.
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Communication Planning Guide

This article by Wild Apricot is designed to help the staff and volunteers of small non-profit and membership organizations that are just getting started with supporter communications and engagement planning.
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How to Create a Blog

If you are looking for a channel to provide timely updates about your organization and mission and/or you want to encourage interaction and dialogue with your constituents, then a blog may be right for you.
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Refreshing Your Email Newsletter

Is an email newsletter part of your communication mix? You might want to step back and take a good look at your e-newsletter to be sure it is meeting your objectives.
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How to Start an Online Forum

A forum is an online discussion site or place on your website where your members or supporters can post messages and others can view and reply to these messages, and it can be an effective engagement tool.
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Getting Started with Membership or Non-profit Publicity

Since taking on your organization’s publicity efforts may seem like a daunting challenge, we’re offering some guidance that will help you get started as well as some tips for getting your message out and taking advantage of low- or no-cost online and off-line publicity channels.
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Beginner's Guide to Social Media

Wild Apricot developed this beginner’s guide for organizations just getting started on their social media journey. It offers: an introduction to the types of social media available; some guidance for how to get started; establish social media goals; and build your online presence.
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Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Online Communications

This Idealware article is a good starting point if you are new to website, email or social media management.
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