Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Online Communications

Idealware article by Laura S. Quinn, Idealware's Founder and Executive Director

This article is a good starting point if you are new to website, email or social media management. 

It offers a great introduction to online communication measurement for individuals or organizations that are using online tools – e.g., a website, broadcast emails, a blog and a Facebook page – but are not familiar with their metrics or measurement tools.

Laura Quinn offers a clear, concise explanation of how to determine: 

  • VIEWS: How many people are seeing your information (e.g., website page views; video views; Facebook views; email opens, etc.)
  • FOLLOWERS: How big is your online base? (e.g., email subscribers; Twitter followers; Facebook fans; RSS subscribers, etc.)
  • ENGAGEMENT: Are you getting people interested? (e.g.,number of comments; number of retweets; online mentions, etc.)
  • CONVERSION: Are people acting to help your organization? (e.g., donations; volunteers; event participation, etc.)

Quinn suggests that “tracking is only useful if you’re going to actually be able to take action to improve communications based on what you learn. Pick a few measures you’re able to comfortably track with the tools you have, and start there. ... By focusing on the right metrics, you can adjust your communications so you’re not spending time on ineffective strategies, and can instead do more of what works.”

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