Membership Advisory Group

Volunteer Retention and Engagement

Date of session: April 23, 2015

Do you find it difficult to recruit and engage volunteers? Are you struggling to attract the right people? 

In this Membership Advisory Group session, we spoke to organization leaders and managers on their trials and tribulations when it comes to volunteering Many Community Members were also attendees of a recent webinar on the same subject.

Key challenges from participants:
  • Finding capable volunteers can be an arduous process
  • Difficulty in being organized and on top volunteering activities
  • Getting volunteers to be friendly, and provide "customer service"
  • Transitioning from older volunteers to new ones
Solutions and Ideas discussed:
  • Start up a leadership session once a month so volunteer managers can pass on information to volunteers (upcoming activities, successes, opportunities, feedback etc..)
  • Gathering more feedback from volunteers is key to learning more about what they want.
  • Use this data to shape procedures, activities and  communication. Give them what they want.

Audio Recording:

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