Membership Advisory Group

Sponsorship and Raising Money

Date of session: June 3, 2015

Do you find it challenging to find, approach and keep the right sponsors?

In this Membership Advisory Group call our members share ideas, work on strategies and contribute best practices to one-another on the topic of securing meaningful, long term sponsorship.

Key challenges from participants:
  • Making the initial step and making contact with a potential sponsor
  • Tapping into the same well over and over again puts a strain on the sponsor-organization relationship
  • Getting current members to use their networks to find potential sponsors.
Solutions and Ideas discussed:

  • Start small and start close: first start by leveraging the personal contacts of people affiliated with the organization (members, volunteers, staff etc.) before blindly approaching bigger corporations.
  • Metrics, metrics, metrics: Whether you're displaying a sponsor's logo in your newsletter, allowing them to set-up a display table at your event, or giving out some of their freebies; tracking the impressions and reach of those initiatives is a good practice.
  • Keep materials in hand: having materials that outline your organization, its mission and reach is imperative. These materials should be able to convey to potential sponsors everything they would want to know about your organization.

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