Small Member Advisory Community session: 

Events to Recruit and Engage Members

Date of session: January 14, 2015

“Attendance has been an issue to the point that it has led me to doing more webinars.
 I'll have as many as 15 say they're coming, and then the night of the event I've got five,
 and our guest speaker is speaking to a room full of chairs.”

Events can serve as great venues to network, recruit, learn and fundraise. However, In past conversations with our Advisory Community it has become clear that planning, promoting and executing a successful event can be full of challenges.

In this Small Membership Advisory Community session, we spoke to a number of administrators, directors and volunteers of various non-profits, associations and clubs from all over the world. We discussed everything from the importance of having clear objectives to providing value to attendees.

Key takeaways and insights from the session:

  • Use simple surveys to find out what your audience is looking for. And then invest time and resources to deliver.

  • Hold free events (online or in person)  for members and non members to showcase your organization and the benefits that you offer. The free events can also be used to grow your membership and build your email database.

  • Use social media “tidbits” to help promote your event and engage your audience. Sending out fun trivia and information about your event in the time leading up to the event can create some buzz.

Audio recording:

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