Small Membership Advisory Community

Running More Effective Board Meetings

Date of session: February 12, 2015

Have you had trouble keeping your board meetings on track? Are your board members ill-prepared for meetings? Are you finding it difficult to get your board more involved? 

In this Small Membership Advisory Community session, we spoke to a number of board members, facilitators and volunteers to discuss how to run more effective board meetings. We were also happy to have Dr. Rick Lent on the call – who presented a WildApricot Expert Webinar on this very topic.   

Key challenges from our participants:

  • Staying on topic – when the conversation derails into unnecessary details
  • Giving everyone an opportunity to speak
  • Coming to a group consensus
  • Following through on commitments
Solutions & Ideas Discussed:     
  • Use tools like Google Docs to create a "virtual white board" so that everyone's ideas and thoughts are up for display
  • Have a detailed and focused agenda in which each item is timed so that the meeting has order and everyone involved is on the same page
  • Assign roles within your board, e.g. time keeper, note taker etc. to keep things flowing

Audio Recording:

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