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Our monthly Podcast sees Lori Smith and Farhad Chikhliwala, facilitate discussion groups, conduct 1-on-1 interviews and talk to experts in a variety of fields. Each episode is packed with great resources, information and insights into running a small membership organization.

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Episode 8 - The Future of Online Payments (Part II of our Payment Processing Series)

An interview with Tom Epplett, Founder of iATS Payments

"In the last four or five years, the investment community and the advances of technology and the internet has created an investment environment where something like $24 billion has been invested in start-up companies and there was 1400 start-up companies alone last year, just to crack the nut of financial technology. So with all of this money, something's going to stick to the wall. I break it down into collaborators and disruptors....and the disrupters are the ones that we find really interesting. Those are the ones you want to track. And I would put PayPal in that category."

Episode 8 of the Wild Apricot Podcast is an exclusive 1-on-1 interview with Tom Epplett, founder of iATS Payments. In this interview, we discuss the future of online payment systems. We look at “disruptors” or alternative payment systems that are changing the way nonprofits and charities raise and accept online donations: everything from Google Wallet, to KickStarter, to Bitcoin!

Episode 7 - Understanding Online Payments for Nonprofits (Part I of our Payment Processing Series)

An interview with Stephen Bestbier, VP of Marketing & Business Development at iATS Payments

"So online donations is growing significantly; it's just one of the single largest growth areas for donations within the non-profit charity, charitable sector. In fact, all donations are increasing by about 4.9% but online is at 13.5%. This just shows you how important online is becoming for charitable donations."

Episode 7 of the Wild Apricot Podcast is an exclusive 1-on-1 interview with Stephen Bestbier – VP of Marketing & Business Development at iATS Payments. In this interview we discuss how to safely and quickly process online payments, why non-profits and charities need protection against fraud, and learn tips and tricks for saving money on transaction fees, setting up online donation forms and more!

Episode 6 - Get Everything Done in One Hour a Day

An exclusive interview with productivity expert Ari Meisel (Leverage)

"What you don't need to be doing... I truly believe that 95% of the things that you do on a daily basis; this applies to you and to me and it’s an ongoing process, but 95% of those things could be done by other people or other things. It’s that 5% that only you can do and do better than anybody else that you haven’t been able to focus on."

Episode 6 of the Wild Apricot Podcast is an exclusive 1-on-1 interview with Ari Meisel from Leverage. Ari is an author, speaker and productivity expert with a world class podcast series. Through some personal health issues, he learned first-hand what it takes to manage time more effectively and do everything...in just 1 hour a day. Listen to this podcast to learn how you can optimize, automate and outsource everything in your life – including your health!  

Episode 5 - Sponsorship and Raising Money

"So his advice on finding sponsors was start with your inner circle, so your existing supporters and contacts, and then once you've built that up and shown some success that's when you can start building your outer circle."

Episode 5 of the Wild Apricot Podcast sees Farhad Chikhliwala and Lori Smith facilitate a group discussion with members of our Membership Advisory Group on the key challenges membership organizations face in trying to secure sponsorship and raise money.

Episode 4 : A Conversation on Volunteer Retention and Engagement

“We find that some of the best recruits are done through existing volunteers. How about asking these great volunteers before they leave to tell their friends or someone who has the time, energy, inclination to help out at the library. 

In episode 4, Lori and Farhad discuss with members of the Membership Advisory Group, the key challenges membership organizations face in trying to engage, motivate and retain volunteers.

Episode 3: 1-On-1 with Eric Sharpe

Events: “It’s all about providing great content and value”
In episode 3 of Wild Apricot's Podcast, Lori Smith conducts an in depth interview with Eric Sharpe, a board member at the Savannah Downtown Business Association. Lori and Eric chat about event attendance, software solutions, the importance of chambers of commerce and much more.

Episode 2: Running Events to Recruit And Engage

"I'll have as many as 15 say they're coming, and then the night of the event I've got five, and our guest speaker is speaking to a room full of chairs.”
In episode 2 of Wild Apricot's Podcast, we facilitate a lively discussion with executive directors and event managers of small membership organizations on running events to recruit and engage. Topics of discussion included, using surveys to gather feedback, how holding free events can actually boost future attendance, and the power of social media during event promotion.

Episode 1: Running  Effective Board Meetings

On setting goals: “If the task is clear, you can galvanize the group to accomplish it.”
In episode 1 of Wild Apricot's Podcast; Community Manager, Lori Smith and Marketing Assistant, Farhad Chikhliwala, facilitate a lively discussion with leaders of small membership organizations on running effective board meetings. Key insights included how to set meeting goals, how to correctly use an agenda and tips on leveraging Google Docs for virtual meetings.

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