Membership Advisory Group

Engaging New Millennials

Date of session: August 20, 2015

In this Membership Advisory Group session, organization leaders and managers discussed some of their best practices when it comes to engaging Millennials.

Special Expert Guest: Jason Shim

(Pathways to Education)

Jason ShimJason is the Associate Director of Digital Strategy and Alumni Relations at Pathways to Education. He also teaches Digital Marketing at George Brown College in Ontario, Canada.

Jason has over 10 years in the nonprofit and academic sectors helping organizations stay ahead of the technology curve. Through his work with Pathways to Education, an organization that helps low-income high school graduates transition into post-secondary education, Jason gained valuable insight into the underlying principles which motivate and engage today’s youth.

Key Challenges from Participants

  • It’s difficult to retain Millennials past an event or short term opportunity
  • Communication styles are evolving dramatically, making it hard to reach this generation
  • Understanding what motivates Millennials to volunteer what messages reach them best

Solutions and Ideas Discussed

  • Create connections: Creating bonds between Millennials and other members/volunteers of your organization can help to increase their loyalty. An easy example is to invite Millennials to your Facebook Group where they can keep connecting with other members after an event is over.
  • Discover their desires: Find out what your Millennial volunteers enjoy doing and find an appropriate position that plays to their talents. Not only will they value their experience more, but they'll come back to your organization to keep developing their skills. 
  • Stay on top of technology: While the motivations behind joining an organization have stayed the same over generations, Millennials communicate in different ways. In order to communicate with them where they’re at, you’ll need to stay on top of technological and social trends. Try creating short video messages, a Facebook group, an Instagram account or send updates through text messages.

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