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Jason Sutherland of PeninsulaShops.com uses Wild Apricot to help promote his local business clients.

Are you running an association, nonprofit or club that needs a website? We know what you're thinking: getting your site built is going to be difficult, time consuming, expensive... and it will STILL be ugly! Fear not - Wild Apricot's easy website builder can help.

It is website builder software that is designed for organizations just like yours that need an easy-to-use, step-by-step process to build an attractive and fully functional website. Customize colors and backgrounds, add graphic headers to pages, show up-to-date information about events automatically on your homepage - all without being a design genius or programming guru! Your members, staff, volunteers and supporters will be impressed with your new website, and you'll be glad to get back to doing the REAL work of your organization instead of sweating over HTML code or pushing pixels all day to build your website.

Make Some Magic with the Visual Setup Wizard

The first time you login to your Wild Apricot account, you'll be presented with a number of eye-catching visual themes for your website. Personalize your site header, add your logo, and you're ready to go. We've taken time to match the backgrounds, color schemes and fonts of every theme to make sure your site looks great right from the start. But of course you have the final say - you can make changes to your theme at any time, and transform the look of your site with just a few clicks.

Easily Customize Your Website to Create a Distinctive Look

The easy website builder gives you a jump-start with great looking templates - and equips you with powerful tools to customize your look:

Point and click to change colors and text style across your whole website instantly. Pick the shade of green for menu background to match your logo. Set the text headings size and color to match. Make it as beautiful or as hideous as you want. :)

Your website page header instantly communicates your site personality, your organization identity and purpose. Add your logo and organization name and place them as needed. Use one of hundreds of sleek header backgrounds, or use a picture of your own.

Use the page footer for copyright notices, additional links, your address or sponsor logos.

Want even more control over design? CSS is the advanced web technology used as a standard by all modern websites. Wild Apricot system provides direct access to the CSS of your website and to the HTML code of web pages. Dive in and experiment with CSS yourself - or bring in professional web designers to build a website as crisp and attractive as your imagination and their design skills allow.

Insert Stylized Titles Instantly with Art Text

The ArtText feature of our easy website builder lets you create stylized text with special effects right in our editor. You can make exciting and colorful headings for your site headings and pages without using a graphic editing program or uploading any files.

Just hit the Art Text button on the website editor anywhere you can enter text on the site. You'll be given options to select a style, font and colours. Your Art Text will appear right on your page, immediately. Don't like how it looks? Just hit the button again and edit to your heart's content. What could be easier?

Add Function to Form

So your website may look great, but does it actually DO anything for your organization? When you're using Wild Apricot's easy website builder, the answer is YES! You can add functional pages to your site in a snap to add the online features most needed by associations, nonprofits or clubs, including:

  • Online Member application forms
  • Member directories (Public and Members-only)
  • Member profile pages
  • Events calendars
  • Online donation forms
  • Blog and Discussion Forums (Public and Members-only)
  • Photo Albums

Spice Up Your Homepage with Gadgets

It's a common problem with membership organizations - your homepage never seems to change even though you and your members are constantly building new content to other parts of your site. Our easy website builder lets you reflect all the great things your organization is doing on your homepage (or any page on your website) with gadgets. Select a gadget that shows off your blog entries, forum posts and new event pages.

See for yourself how easy to use and affordable Wild Apricot is:

Video: Basic Visual Setup Wizard

This video shows how setup your site using the visual setup wizard:

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