Wild Apricot's Pricing Plans Are Changing

On April 3, 2018, Wild Apricot’s pricing plans are changing. We are adding more value and removing restrictions to all plans, introducing two new plans, and changing prices.

With all of these changes, Wild Apricot is still the best value in the market.

This page will explain what’s changing and why.

Summary of what’s changing:

Here are the major changes you will find
in our pricing plans on April 3, 2018:

  • All plans will include recurring payments.
  • All plans will include our new Online Store.
  • All plans will get access to our Mobile App for Members.
  • We are removing admin limits across all plans.
  • We are introducing a new Personal Plan ($40/month) for smaller organizations with 100 contacts or less to make Wild Apricot more accessible and affordable.
  • We are introducing a new Global Plan for organizations with up to 50,000 contacts to make Wild Apricot more accessible for bigger organizations.
  • Prices for all plans are changing.
  • We are introducing a new two-year subscription plan on April 3, 2018 that will allow you to save 15%.

How the Pricing Plans Are Changing

The table below outlines the changes in monthly prices for each plan and the added benefits and functionality you’ll receive:

OLD  |  Before April 3, 2018 NEW  |  Starting April 3, 2018
Plan Price Admins Contacts Price Admins Additional Features
Personal N/A N/A 100 $40* Unlimited
  • Online Store
  • Mobile App for Members
  • Recurring Payments
Group $40 5 250 $50 Unlimited
  • Online Store
  • Mobile App for Members
  • Recurring Payments
Community $70 10 500 $90 Unlimited
  • Online Store
  • Mobile App for Members
Professional $130 25 2,000 $160 Unlimited
  • Online Store
  • Mobile App for Members
Network $240 Unlimited 5,000 $290 Unlimited
  • Online Store
  • Mobile App for Members
Enterprise $270 Unlimited 15,000 $350 Unlimited
  • Online Store
  • Mobile App for Members
Global N/A N/A 50,000 $600 Unlimited
  • Online Store
  • Mobile App for Members

New Pricing Plans

As of April 3, 2018, here are the new monthly pricing plans (10% discount if paid annually):

Plan Price Contacts Functionality
Personal $40* 100 All features
Group $50 250 All features
Community $90 500 All features
Professional $160 2,000 All features
Network $290 5,000 All features
Enterprise $350 15,000 All features
Global $600 50,000 All features

* Updated August 2018

Why Are Prices Changing

We are adjusting our pricing plans to reflect the value we have added and will continue to add to Wild Apricot. The changes also reflect our commitment to make Wild Apricot a truly all-in-one solution. This means all organizations, no matter their size, have access to all Wild Apricot’s features.

Below are the details of the value we’ve recently added to Wild Apricot as well as some powerful new features and plans we are introducing by April 3, 2018.


Powerful New Features

Two of the biggest features we are releasing from the wishlist are the Online Store and the Mobile App for Members. Both of these features will be available across all plans.


Online Store

With the Wild Apricot Online Store, you can instantly add another revenue stream to your organization. You can sell anything, like branded apparel, T-shirts, hats, or books. You can set special prices for your members, add a catalogue gadget on your website to make your goods available to the public, and track all the orders and payments, so you can easily see what is selling well.


Mobile App for Members

The Wild Apricot for Members App (iOS and Android) is where your members can register for events, pay event fees, search through your member directory, and communicate with other members — all from their mobile devices. The Mobile App for Members will help you speed up event registrations and increase engagement among your members.

Removing Restrictions from All Plans

With our commitment to make Wild Apricot a truly all-in-one solution, we have removed restrictions to all plans such as: 


Recurring Payments

We have added recurring payments to all plans. If you’re on the Group Plan, you no longer have to upgrade to take advantage of the ability to automatically charge your members their renewal dues. This saves time for you and your members, and helps ensure you retain your renewal revenue.

Unlimited Admins

With all our plans, you can now add as many admins as you like. With unlimited admins, you can involve more people in helping you grow your organizations. Now you can start thinking about all the board members and volunteers who can help you run your events, build your website, create your newsletters and more.

New Plans

We have added two new plans to make it easier for you to find the perfect fit for your organization. 


If you have a small organization with 100 contacts or less, the new Personal Plan makes Wild Apricot more affordable and accessible for you. You’ll have access to all the core features of Wild Apricot, so even if you’re a small bike club or neighborhood association, you’ll be able to run your organization with professional software that can automate many of your tasks.


For years, we’ve had to turn away organizations that had more than 15,000 contacts. Our new Global Plan gives you up to 50,000 contacts. For some of you who are growing fast and closing in on our previous limit of 15,000, you no longer have to worry about outgrowing Wild Apricot. We’ll be here to grow along with you as you expand your membership to new records.

The Value We’ve Recently Added to Wild Apricot:

Delivering on Wishlist Requests


In 2017, we made a commitment to release as many of the most-requested features as possible. We released several new features such as the long-awaited membership cards, an RSVP option for events with one-click registration, and the ability to schedule email blasts. The graph below shows how 2017 was our biggest year ever for releasing features that our customers voted for most.


Wishlist votes resolved


Wishlist requests
Wishlist requests


We Made Wild Apricot Faster

Infrastructure In 2017, we migrated our cloud platform to Amazon Web Services (AWS), which made our customers’ websites three times faster on average.


Infrastructure improved
Infrastructure improved

More Free Resources to Help You Grow

We have been expanding our in-house nonprofit expertise and our network of industry influencers to build more free educational resources, so you can get the help you need to grow your organization. 


In 2017, we re-launched our Expert Webinar Series, running one, sometimes two, webinars each month with a top industry expert. We hosted 18 webinars throughout 2017, with experts who showed you five-must have growth strategies, the tools you need to raise more money, common legal traps to avoid, and much more. In November, we held our Online Growth Summit, which featured a top nonprofit growth expert every day of the week. Over 4.5K registered for this event. If you missed any of our webinars or the Summit, you can still get free access to all the recordings here. To register for any of our upcoming free webinars, look out for email invitations or go here.


In 2017, we ramped up our blog and online guides, where you can find help on everything from how to create a marketing plan, to which tech tools save time and money, how to grow your email list, and tips to engage your members.


Wild Apricot Is Still the Best Value

Wild Apricot offers the most functionality for the lowest price

We surveyed the market and compared Wild Apricot to a number of alternatives. We compared price and features to get a true sense of the value of our platform. The chart below shows that Wild Apricot is in the upper-right quadrant, indicating Wild Apricot offers the most functionality for the lowest price.




The table below shows how Wild Apricot and various competitors compare on several main features.


Wild Apricot YourMembership NeonCRM MemberClicks Member365 GrowthZone Brilliant
Automated email reminders
Mobile Event Check-in
Mobile Event Payments
No Transaction Fees
Automatic Invoicing
Automated Follow-ups
Unlimited Emails to Members
Mobile App
Mobile App for Members
Mobile Payments
Online Store*

* Wild Apricot's Online Store feature is coming in April, 2018.


No Setup Fees with Wild Apricot

Wild Apricot does not charge setup fees unlike other software providers that charge upfront fees just to get started.

The chart below compares prices for the first year of use (assuming 500 contacts, unlimited admins and paid annually).



When will my price change?

We are putting the new pricing into effect on April 3, 2018, however, the price of your Wild Apricot plan will go up on your next renewal date after April 3.

For example, if you are on a monthly plan with a renewal day of the 15th, your price will change on April 15th, 2018. If you are on an annual plan with a renewal day of March 15th, your price will change on March 15th, 2019.  

Can I lock in the existing prices by paying in advance?

If your account is on a monthly subscription plan and it renews on or before 2 April, 2018,  you can request to switch to an annual subscription before April 3rd. This way, you will be able to save 10% on the current prices for the next year. Email billing@personifycorp.com before 3 April, 2018 to request the change. 

If your account is on an annual subscription plan and the renewal date is before 3 April, 2018, you will be renewing on the current pricing for the next subscription year. The new pricing will only apply to your account on your renewal date in 2019.

Are You Offering Any Discounts?

We understand this is a significant increase for many organizations. To help, we are introducing a new two-year lock-in subscription plan for all accounts available after April 3 that offers a 15% discount. 

When your plan comes up for renewal after April 3, you will be given the option to prepay for two years at a 15% discount.

How do Wild Apricot’s Plans compare to the competition?

We are still the most valuable solution in the market for small and midsize organizations. Wild Apricot has been rated the #1 membership management software by Capterra, the leading independent review site, for the last five years. We have created this page to make it easy for you to compare our plans to the competition.

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