Wild Apricot's first pricing change in 9 years is live.

Important: Read the letter below for more information.

Dmitry Buterin
Chief Apricot

Dear Wild Apricot client,

For weeks, my team and I have been trying to think of a way to phrase our pricing change in the right way. Here is the straight, honest, raw truth: The prices for all Wild Apricot plans are increasing.


Because we are continuously adding incredible value to help your organization find success.

Since 2014, we've released 40 new features, including:

  • The long-awaited Version 5, delivering a more modern and powerful Website Builder that enables you to create beautiful, customized websites.
  • Massively-requested mobile apps on iPhone and Android that allow you to manage your event check-ins, payments and more.
  • New themes to make your website mobile-friendly so that your visitors and members can do things like sign up for memberships and register for events from mobile devices.
  • API functionality to easily connect your accounts to any other systems you might use.
Over the last 9 years, we've put out 62 major releases! We are scheduled to release many more in 2015, each of which addresses requests by thousands of our clients (you!).

And that's just half the value we've been providing.

We are empowering you with the knowledge, expert advice, and peer support because you need more than just membership software to meet your organization's reason for existence.

With over 15,000 client organizations, 55,000 administrators and 3 million members, we are in a unique position to be the world's #1 guide for small membership organizations to be successful.

You've likely already benefited from our efforts:

  • Have you attended one of our Expert Webinar sessions yet? We have one every month (the last one had over 814 registrants and 473 attendees!) with some of the leading industry experts to provide you with powerful, game-changing coaching and advice.
  • Have you joined a Membership Advisory Group call yet? We have one every month, where you can connect with your peers to discuss some of the most pressing issues membership managers, board members and volunteers are facing.
  • Have you read some of the amazing content in our "Wikipedia for Membership Organizations" yet? We have over 120 articles published and are adding new content every week with key insights and best practices from around the world of membership and often have some of the most renowned guest bloggers in the industry contribute.
  • Have you listened to an episode of the Wild Apricot Podcast yet? We have already released 3 awesome episodes on board meetings and recruiting and engaging members so that you can gain insights on succeeding with your organization on the go, at the gym and whenever you want.

Our ambitions for you are majestic. We view organizations like yours as instruments of massive impact... instruments of change... of hope in the world.

And we envision ourselves as caped crusaders chosen to champion your cause in a world that doesn't completely comprehend how much you do for your communities.

Going forward, we will continue to:

  • Constantly improve our software to support your organization and efforts
  • Give you the knowledge and resources you need to run your organizations better
  • Connect you with peers and leading industry experts to share best practices
  • Build out and find additional courses, resources, products and services that will help you on your journey to move you and your organization forward

Given all these changes and our plans to invest heavily into delivering more value for you, we will be revising our pricing plans - something we have never done in our 9 years of existence.

The increase in value we've been adding and will continue to add is significant.

We want to work with organizations who share our vision, cherish the value we provide and are driven to make their organization succeed.

We are confident that the extra value we're adding will bring you many times the return - more members, stronger organizations, happier volunteers, more everything.

Dmitry Buterin

Tying our success to yours, as closely as possible, is the only way we want Wild Apricot to succeed.

So what does the pricing change mean for you?

1. What are the new pricing plans?

Pricing Plan Members & Contacts
Old Price New Price More Storage New Admin Limits Added Functionality
Group 250 $25 $40 Increased from 200MB to 2GB 5 Access to all functionality from Community and higher accounts except recurring payments.

New features:
  • Discounts for events and membership applications
  • Capping event registrations
  • Access control for administrators
Community 500 $50 $70 Increased from 400MB to 2GB 10 None
Professional 2,000 $100 $130 Increased from 800MB to 2GB 25 None
Network* 5,000 $200 $240 Increased from 1.6GB to 2GB Unlimited None
Enterprise 15,000 $200 $270 Increased from 1.6GB to 2GB Unlimited None
*Enterprise accounts with less than 5,000 members will be automatically moved to the new Network plan.

2. Can you keep your current prices? 

Existing clients had a 3-month grace period between June 1 to August 31, 2015 to lock in their old prices by prepaying for 1 or 2 years. The grace period is now over. If you have not locked in already, you will be autoswitched to the new prices at your next renewal date.

3. If you've prepaid for a year recently, you get to keep the pricing plan for which you prepaid.

If you recently subscribed to or renewed your annual subscription, your new prices will not take effect till that period is over. In addition, if you locked in for 1 or 2 years, your renewal date will be extended.

4. NEW: Access to Knowledge and Community Content

All accounts will now have access to the great content within our Knowledge Hub and Community activities:

  • Links within product to get access to the latest articles, webinars and advisory sessions
  • Access to over 120 articles with best practices and key insights on our new Knowledge Hub - the "Wikipedia" of Membership.
  • Continuing Expert Webinars and Small Membership Advisory Sessions with industry experts and your peers.
  • Podcasts featuring some of our most notable discussions so that you can get access to membership knowledge on the go, in transit, at the gym and more.
  • The first Wild Apricot Book (coming soon and free for WA clients), with some of the biggest insights from our Expert Webinars, 1-On-1s and the Small Membership Advisory Community.

5. NEW: Storage Increased

All accounts will now have 2GB of storage on top of any storage they have already purchased - our data shows this would cover the needs of most clients - and if you need more, we can provide additional storage on a case-by-case basis. (For special cases like hosting and streaming large video files, we recommend using a specialized service like Vimeo or YouTube.)

6. NEW: Admin Limits

Some Wild Apricot plans now have limits on the number of administrators allowed in each account. More administrators means increased usage of our system and support services. The admin limits allow us to fairly factor in the associated costs.

If you are already over the admin limit, you can keep all of your existing admins though you won't be able to add more.

7. NEW: Network Pricing Plan

We have introduced a new plan - Network - for accounts that have more than 2,000 contacts (the limit of the Professional plan) but are far below the 15,000 limit of the Enterprise plan. If you are on the Enterprise plan but have less than 5000 contacts, you will be switched over to the Network plan. You can always upgrade to the Enterprise plan when you need to.

8. Are you still making improvements to your software? YES

We've released 40 features since 2014 and have many more releases planned for this year. See our full product roadmap here.

9. Why should I pay more for Community and Knowledge? This is about our constantly improving software too

We don't consider this to be a pricing "increase" as much as a pricing "adjustment" to match the value of our offering. We believe we have been providing value to our clients that is unmatched in the market, but in our 9 years of existence, this is our only pricing increase (whereas such increases are far more common with other software companies). To add to it, we are still the most affordable software in the market.

10. How does Wild Apricot stack up against the competition?
Still the most valuable solution in the market

Ranked the #1 membership software by Capterra for 3 years running, Wild Apricot remains the most valuable membership software in the market (see chart below). For more details about how Wild Apricot compares with alternatives, see full competitor analysis.

Number of members Wild Apricot ClubExpress Neon all-in-one Tendenci MemberClicks
250 $40 $76 $99 $169 $245
500 $70 $121 $99 $169 $310
2,000 $130 $320 $174 $249 $395
5,000 $240 $500 $174 $249 $465
15,000 $270 N/A $249 $399 N/A

In Summary:

  • Wild Apricot remains the most valuable solution in the market and that value is growing significantly with our investment into our Knowledge and Community offerings.
  • If you locked in for 1 or 2 years during the grace period ending August 31, 2015, your renewal date has been extended by the chosen lock in period. 
  • If you did not lock in, you will be switched to the new prices on your next renewal date after August 31, 2015.

Where can you find more information?

Go to the admin area of your Wild Apricot account and access the Pricing Changes page for exact details about what the pricing switch means for your account, including:

  • Your new price plan and features
  • Your new storage limit
  • Your new admin limits

You can read more generic details about the pricing change on our help site and get instructions on how to access the Pricing Changes pages in the admin area of your account by clicking the button below.


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