Okay, but how much does it really cost?

A Price Comparison of Membership Software

Figuring out the price of software can be a tricky business. Some companies charge extra for set-up, support, transactions, and more. At Wild Apricot we try to keep it simple, with a single fee (paid monthly or annually) - but to give you a better idea of the real difference between us and the other guys, we've created an easy-to-read table and chart.

We've based this comparison on the needs of the average Wild Apricot customer:

  • an association with 350 members
  • 3 admin users of the account
  • 500 transactions (that's donations or event registrations) with an average transaction amount of $20

Of course, your numbers will be different, but we hope this gives you an idea of the relative costs.

Wild Apricot versus some of our competitors*

SilkStart MemberClicks
Membee ClubRunner NEON All-In-One

Installation $1,500 $2,495 0 $199 $0 $0
Monthly $250 $200 $165** $99.95 $99 $50
Annual Discount

Transaction Fees
1% + $0.70

Tech Support included included included included online only** included
First Year $4,500 $5,345 $1,980 $1,398 $1,188 $540
Following Years $3,000 $2,850 $1,980
$1,199 $1,188
** See additional pricing details below.

Here's the same price comparison as a chart


Pricing Chart

As always, please don't take our word for it. Check out the current pricing information for each system on their website. And be sure to sign up for a free trial of each system you wish to evaluate, including Wild Apricot. Price is important, but only if the software does what you need it to do!

* Prices are current for all vendors as of July 2013. Does not include any limited time special offer pricing. Prices are subject to change without notice. Please check with individual vendors for their up-to-date pricing. Wild Apricot has no affiliation with any of the competitors listed here.

** NEON All-In-One CRM Support: online support included; $65/month for live chat; $95/month for phone

** Membee: Monthly fee is $55/admin - calculated as $55 x 3 admins

Membee is a product of IRM System, Inc.

NEON All-In-One CRM is a product of Z2 Systems, Inc.

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