About the Membership Knowledge Hub

Since Wild Apricot’s goal is to help small associations, member-based organizations and non-profits thrive and grow, this Membership Knowledge Hub offers staff, volunteers and board members information and insight to help with the day-to-day challenges facing their organizations.

Guides & Articles

This part of the hub offers useful, actionable content such as articles, white papers, how-to guides, and e-books. Its aim is to provide context for small membership-based organizations on the topics of Membership, Volunteers, Website & Technology, Membership & Non-Profit Communication, Events, Leadership, and Fundraising.
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Wild Apricot Blog

This blog is dedicated to providing membership tips and Wild Apricot software news. We discuss the challenges faced by volunteer and small-staff organizations, offer ideas and insight, cover web technologies that help you do more with less, and keep you up-to-date about our own software.

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Wild Apricot Newsletter

The Wild Apricot Monthly Newsletter features customer case studies, software news, highlights from the blog and much more! Read back issues, or subscribe to receive it by email.
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Apricot Jam

This is a collection of external blog posts and articles that we’ve curated and filtered to provide fresh, relevant content to help associations and non-profits nurture your membership and grow your organization.
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Wild Apricot Infographics

Wild Apricot Infographics look at membership trends, and other interesting data for small membership organizations.
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