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Many of our customers post reviews of Wild Apricot, both on social network sites and on their
own blogs or other websites. The sites linked here are not controlled by Wild Apricot, so this is
honest-to-goodness feedback and definitely not marketing spin.

Wild Apricot has a 4.5 star rating on Capterra
Wild Apricot has taken
the job of running an association
and made really easy
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Wild Apricot has a 5 Star Rating on GetApp
Wild Apricot has given us an
easy and affordable option to
getting things done
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"Wild Apricot is a compelling, intuitive system focused on membership, events, and site-management functionality for smaller membership-based organizations."

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"The people at...Wild Apricot really do like their jobs and their product and it shows when you talk with them. …the interface is easy to use and adding new records or setting up an event is pretty simple."

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"Member management is very easy with Wild Apricot. You can create as many levels of membership as you want. Each one can have its own price point and options. You can also create custom fields for capturing additional information so you can segment your list further. You are in full control of what you want to do with your members."

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"Wild Apricot offers all kinds of functionality as widgets which can be planted in [your website]. This affords quite a bit of flexibility. Some advice: When you select your own membership software, first determine your own core needs."

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