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  • Wild Apricot News: Name the Wild Apricot Mascot and Win a New Flip Video Camera

    10 November 2009 0 comments
    TORONTO, On. (November 10, 2009) - Wild Apricot, membership website software for small nonprofit organizations, is today inviting Facebook users to noodle over a name for its plump apricot mascot. The “Name the Apricot” Contest is now accepting entries...
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  • Does Bing Know About Your Website?

    05 November 2009 8 comments
    Google may know all about your nonprofit’s website (and your blog, and whatever social media profiles you’ve staked out on the Web), but that doesn’t guarantee that Microsoft’s new search engine, Bing, will automatically index your site as well.
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  • Case Study: CivPol (Civilian Police) Alumni - Association Fundraising and Volunteer Management

    05 November 2009 0 comments
    The CivPol (Civilian Police) Alumni Association is a volunteer-led association that represents American police professionals serving as international civilian police. Its 1,400 members are under contract with the U.S. State Department to establish...
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  • Case Study: CivPol (Civic Police) Alumni Association

    05 November 2009 0 comments
    Association for Civilian Police Saves Thousands, Boosts Fundraising Through Wild Apricot Member Management Software Business Challenge: The CivPol Alumni Association's 1,400 members are American police professionals under contract with the U.S. State...
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  • Social Media Best Practices for Non-Profit & Public Sector Organizations

    03 November 2009 3 comments
    Jay Moonah's presentation on Social Media Best Practices for Non-Profit & Public Sector Organizations was streamed live online as part of The Canadian Institute’s recent “Managing Social Media” conference recently - but if you missed it, no worries! We’ve got the highlights right here.
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  • Wild Apricot Software News October 2009

    Dmitriy Buterin 30 October 2009 3 comments
    Wild Apricot version 3.2 was released on October 1st, as planned. We have since patched a couple of minor problems, but all in all it has been the smoothest version release at least in the last 12 months. My personal thanks to our developers and testers!...
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  • Wild Apricot News: Check out the Wild Apricot Release 3.2 Video

    29 October 2009 0 comments
    We recently launched version 3.2 of Wild Apricot Membership Management Software . Giuliano Valentino, our Useful Apricot, has created a terrific video outlining some of the key features of this upgrade, including: Photo albums for members - allow members...
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  • Best of Association Jam - Association Links for October 2009

    29 October 2009 2 comments
    Membership, Fundraising, Volunteers and, above all, Social Media topics came up tops in the links submitted to and voted up at AssociationJam.org in September 2009. Here are the Top 10 association links for this month -- did you catch these great posts from around the Web?
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  • 19 Free Webinars for Nonprofits - November 2009

    27 October 2009 12 comments
    Last month's list of free webinars for nonprofits was so well received, we're doing it again! Here are 19 free online training opportunities of interest to associations, charities, and other not-for-profit organizations -- on topics from software and social media, to management, fundraising, and more.
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  • How to Find (and Map) Local People on Twitter

    24 October 2009 3 comments
    In June 2009, Nielsen reported nearly 21 million unique visitors to Twitter.com. How can a small nonprofit organization, with limited time and resources for social media, find the right people to connect with in that microblogging crowd? Try your TPS...
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  • Wild Apricot News: Wild Apricot and Action Strategies Launch "Working Knowledge:" A Free Non-Profit Focused Webinar Series for Association Professionals

    23 October 2009 0 comments
    TORONTO, On. and GATINEAU, Qc. (October 23, 2009) - Association managers seeking high-quality resources to stay on top of their game are invited to attend "Working Knowledge," a free non-profit focused webinar series . Working Knowledge is presented...
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  • 8 Best Free Video-Sharing Sites for Nonprofits

    22 October 2009 14 comments
    Thanks to low-cost cameras, and free or inexpensive software tools, there’s a place for video production within the budget of even small nonprofits and associations. And distributing your videos on the Internet has never been cheaper or easier...
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  • Saved by a Free Anti-Malware Tool

    21 October 2009 7 comments
    One click on an innocent-looking email attachment — and as quickly and easily as that, our home-office network was infected with a nasty Trojan. It could have been an expensive disaster, but a great free anti-malware tool made it easy to remove the malicious software myself, without tech support, before any harm was done.
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  • Facebook Groups Get a Page-style Makeover

    20 October 2009 9 comments
    Facebook has just begun to introduce a new design for its Groups application that looks a lot more like Pages and personal Profiles. "Giving Groups a Stronger Voice" should be good news for the many nonprofit folks frustrated by the limitations of Facebook Groups, compared to what the spiffy new Fan Pages offer.
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  • Wild Apricot News: Wild Apricot feature from Profit Magazine & CanadianBusiness.com

    19 October 2009 0 comments
    Dmitry Buterin, our very own Chief Apricot, is featured in a recent article from Profit Magazine , a part of the family of publications that post on CanadianBusiness.com . The article entitled " Can't live without you " highlights a number of great...
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