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  • 25+ Free Nonprofit Webinars for July 2010

    29 June 2010 8 comments
    There’s no more convenient way to brush up on your skills than to do your professional development online - and July 2010 brings us lots of free online presentations and seminars for fundraisers, board members, administrators, active volunteers, volunteer coordinators, and other non-profit folks.
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  • Behind the Scenes @ Wild Apricot: Quantifying pictures and numbers

    28 June 2010 0 comments
    If a picture is worth a thousand words, and time is money, how much would a picture of your money be worth, especially if you could see it quickly? Let's find out, shall we?
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  • Best of Association Jam: Association Links for June 2010

    28 June 2010 0 comments
    So many interesting and useful links came in to AssociationJam.org this month, there were ties for top spot in 4 categories – Events, Fundraising, Social Media and Other! Social Media and Membership were the most active categories overall, in terms of submissions, views, and reader votes.
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  • Free Facebook Guide for Small Non-profits

    25 June 2010 5 comments
    If your organization is struggling to figure out Facebook – and who isn’t? – social media consultant John Haydon has a free ebook for you: "The Complete Guide to Facebook for Small Non-Profits" is a comprehensive collection of strategies, tactics, tips, and tutorials to help small non-profits get more out of using Facebook.
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  • Report: Volunteer Levels Hold Steady in Canada

    24 June 2010 0 comments
    The new Not-for-Profit Pulse Report on Volunteering, just released by the Association Resource Center (ARC), based on a survey of 74 Canadian not-for-profit organizations, looks at the changes non-profits are seeing in the way people volunteer their time and what, if anything, they are doing to adapt.
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  • Take a Second Look at Google Wave

    23 June 2010 1 comments
    Google Wave's steep learning curve and "invitation only" policy made the collaboration tool less than useful for most nonprofits, when it first launched. But take another look: Wave is now faster and more stable, with quick-start templates and tutorials - and it's finally open for everyone to use.
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  • A 'Chamber of Commerce on Steroids' on the San Francisco Peninsula

    22 June 2010 0 comments
    This is an update of a post from late last year on the Wild Apricot news page . Jason has been doing such inspiring stuff with Peninsula Shops that we wanted to share his story here. How do you nurture a vibrant retail environment by promoting local...
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  • Quick Photo Effects and Picture Frames

    21 June 2010 2 comments
    A nonprofit blog or newsletter that’s illustrated only with traditional “news release” photos can get a bit dull after a while – except maybe for the folks in the photographs! Could your illustrations use a bit of a fresh look for summer? There are...
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  • Behind the Scenes @ Wild Apricot: Who wants a nice little treat?

    18 June 2010 0 comments
    There are big things, and there are small things. But sometimes the nicest things come in small, exquisitely packaged delicious little portions.
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  • Better Sharing for Google Docs

    18 June 2010 2 comments
    New sharing features in Google Docs are rolling out this week that not only make it easier to share your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online but also give you more control over who you’re sharing those materials with and how.
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  • Association Ideas: New Blog for Professional and Business Associations

    17 June 2010 1 comments
    WildApricot.com is excited to announce the launch of a new blog – Association Ideas @ Wild Apricot – focussed on the challenges faced by volunteer and small-staff organizations such as membership recruiting, event management, and how technology is changing the role of associations.
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  • 10 Interview Tips That Lead to Better Storytelling

    15 June 2010 10 comments
    Kivi Leroux Miller, author of The Nonprofit Marketing Guide: High-Impact, Low-Cost Ways to Build Support for Your Good Cause, believes that storytelling is one of the most effective yet underused marketing tactics for nonprofits. She devoted a whole chapter to storytelling in her new book, and provides ten tips for better interviews in this guest post.
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  • Create, Edit, Share Docs Online with Free Microsoft Office Apps

    11 June 2010 4 comments
    You’re keen to collaborate online, but other members of your nonprofit team are dragging their heels? If they're simply leery of learning to use new software, the new (free) Office Web Apps from Microsoft may help you get past that collaboration roadblock.
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  • Behind the Scenes @ Wild Apricot: How important is importing?

    11 June 2010 0 comments
    We're progressing nicely in our current development cycle. We've put a lot of work into our new features, but there's one feature we've been working on for even longer.
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  • Wild Apricot News: Membership Software Guide covered in the Membership Management Report

    09 June 2010 0 comments
    Thanks to the Membership Management Report for covering our Membership Software Guide in the most recent issue of their monthly newsletter. The Membership Management Report is a 8-page monthly newsletter geared at professionals with an interest in...
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