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  • Better Search Tools for Twitter Backlinks

    17 May 2010 2 comments
    You already know the importance of listening for social media mentions of your nonprofit – monitoring with tools like Google Alerts that can let you know when your organization’s name comes up online. But what of those Twitter users who link to your website...
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  • Moderating Forums: a Training Video

    25 April 2010 0 comments
    If your nonprofit’s plan for online outreach includes a discussion forum – this one's for you. The first of three training videos produced to guide the volunteer moderators who helped run the British Columbia Library Association's 2009 Teen Reading...
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  • Wild Apricot News: Membership Website Builder Software (new YouTube video)

    25 March 2010 0 comments
    Wild Apricot makes it easy to build a website that automatically connects with your membership database . It starts with the online application form , which allows new members to enter their personal information and dues payment with just a few clicks....
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  • Easy Collaboration Tool for Website Feedback

    22 March 2010 2 comments
    If your organization is building a new website or revamping your existing site, you know that gathering feedback on design changes from your team can be a complicated process. Long meetings with a whiteboard; many emails of screen captures with attached...
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  • Quotable Clips and Better SEO for YouTube Videos

    11 March 2010 7 comments
    Video is hot with online audiences, but there’s one big problem for video producers: search engines just can’t deal with the "talkies": Images and audio are behind a glass wall when it comes to indexing for search results. And if your nonprofit is...
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  • HipChat Free for Nonprofits, Small Groups

    05 March 2010 3 comments
    Hipchat is a new all-in-one chat application that’s specifically designed for group collaboration — free for nonprofits and for very small groups. A desktop client that runs on Adobe Air, HipChat is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is similar...
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  • DoGooder Nonprofit Video Awards: Are You In?

    26 February 2010 6 comments
    Did your nonprofit produce a video in 2009? The DoGooder Nonprofit Video Awards is looking for the best nonprofit videos of the year, with a chance for great public exposure, $2500 for your organization, and other great prizes. Submissions are open until March 19, 2010, so get in on this contest if you can!
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  • Flowtown Turns Email Addresses into Social Media Profiles

    24 February 2010 5 comments
    Where do your nonprofit's members, donors and supporters spend their time online? What social networks should you focus on, for the best return on investment? Flowtown can help you find out.
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  • YouTube for Nonprofits: More Places, More Features

    22 February 2010 5 comments
    Good news for nonprofits: the YouTube for Nonprofits program is now open to qualified organizations in Canada and Australia, as well as the US and UK! And while we're talking YouTube, here are a few relatively new features there that you may have missed...
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  • Wild Apricot News: Membership Software Selection Guide From Wild Apricot Helps Associations, Nonprofits Select Best Membership Software

    18 February 2010 0 comments
    TORONTO, On. (February 18, 2010) - Wild Apricot, a leader in membership management software for small associations and non-profits, has released a Software Selection guide to help association leaders review, compare and choose the best membership software...
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  • Merry Christmas from Wild Apricot!

    21 December 2009 0 comments
    Originally posted by Jay Moonah
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  • Wild Apricot News: Free Membership Management Software Webinar Archives

    02 December 2009 0 comments
    Here at Wild Apricot, we're extremely pleased to offer regular free webinars, including introductions to our membership management software and also covering topics of interest to association management and non-profit organization professionals, volunteers...
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  • Could Nonprofits Use a National Day of Listening?

    26 November 2009 3 comments
    Communications experts, social media gurus, and PR experts talk a lot about the importance of nonprofit organizations learning to tell their stories. And yes, compelling stories are key to winning hearts and gaining members and supporters for your organization. But what if, for one day, you just sat back and listened?
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  • Showcase Your Members' Videos with YouTube Direct

    23 November 2009 4 comments
    What if you could display a playlist of member-created videos on your non-profit's website, just like the big mainstream news media websites? YouTube Direct makes it easy.
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  • Social Media Best Practices for Non-Profit & Public Sector Organizations

    03 November 2009 3 comments
    Jay Moonah's presentation on Social Media Best Practices for Non-Profit & Public Sector Organizations was streamed live online as part of The Canadian Institute’s recent “Managing Social Media” conference recently - but if you missed it, no worries! We’ve got the highlights right here.
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