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Fresh Links on Apricot Jam This Week

Each week we bookmark posts and articles on relevant topics for associations, non-profits and membership organizations on Apricot Jam. Here's a look at some of our top picks this week:


Will Associations Become Filters for Digital Overload?

Steve Rosenbaum
(Huffington Post) notes:

Chances are you're a member of what may be the most powerful curation club you could ever imagine and you don't even know it.  They are the backbone of virtually every profession. Doctors. Accountants. Engineers. Even turn-around specialists have them. Professional Associations. Their members are a veritable who's who of thinkers and doers.

Which puts associations squarely at a powerful crossroads of content and curation.


Want to Make a Difference to Your Members' Success? Get off "Auto Pilot Think"

In a guest post on Affiniscape Blog, Anna Caraveli tells us:

Wouldn't you know it! I was struggling to figure out how I could brilliantly sum up what I learned from our interivews with ...the American Academy of Family Physicians; and that is, how a fairly traditional association could unleash radical innovations that made a difference for their members and healthcare when most others are satisfied to just talk about them. Then I happened to glance at today's paper and my eyes fell on the horoscope column. I read:

"There is a lot of good that can be said for being on autopilot. It gets you to a destination with little effort. The problems arise when you want to go somewhere other than where you are programmed to go."

That was it! It described in a nutshell the stalemate most associations ... are in.


Nonprofits and Their Mobile Strategies

In this Nonprofit Quarterly post, Joe Waters notes:

...As a recent Pew Internet study pointed out, social networks are the thread that is surrounding us with information from our many connections. Nonprofits get this, but what they’re not getting is that mobile is, and will increasingly become, the needle through which this thread is passed. The fabric of connectedness we hope to weave with social networks has to be stitched with the mobile needle. You can’t have one without the other. That’s why it’s so important for nonprofits to race to catch up with mobile technology.


The 3 Stages of the Volunteer:  What they need from you and how to recognize them

Angela Parker (Realized Worth) suggests:

Tourist - Traveler - Guide. This is the journey of the volunteer. The great failure of volunteer coordinators lies in expecting tourists to act like guides, treating guides like tourists and ignoring the traveler all together. Its time we meet people where they're at. Here's how to recognize employee volunteers at each stage, and how to treat them accordingly.

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