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How One Nonprofit Raised $150 Million Going Outside Tradition | Content Marketing Institute

For five years, Paull Young led the content marketing initiatives for the nonprofit organization charity: water as its director of digital. While Paull left the organization a few weeks ago to lead strategic partnership initiatives at Instagram, he was an integral part of expanding charity: water’s awareness and fundraising philosophy: Inspiration. Activation. Experience. ...In this interview before his departure from charity: water, Paull openly shares how the internal culture at the charity is key to the inspiring content it creates and how any brand, profit or nonprofit, can make a big impact by allowing creativity to be nurtured and shared.

Nonprofit Fundraising Lessons from Taylor Swift | Pamela Grow

Despite record charitable giving in 2014, The Atlas of Giving is reporting that the 2015 outlook is bleak. Could this mean less than bright prospects for your fundraising success? Are donors in a position to give less or, even worse…not give at all? It doesn’t have to be that way. In the face of rising challenges, what steps can the smart fundraiser take to rise above it all and succeed – despite the odds? It’s a fact: other industries have taken far worse hits than fundraising ever will and yet they’ve learned how to grow, change and adapt. Take a moment to consider the music industry and the blows it’s endured, especially at the turn of the century. Despite the advent of the world wide web and the subsequent piracy — piracy that still runs rampant today, despite the RIAA’s (Recording Industry Association of America) best efforts, music has picked itself up, dusted itself off, and continued to remain a thriving industry in ways that are both innovative and profitable.

Are You Addicted to Acquisition (AA)? | 101fundraising

“Hi, I am fundraiser and I’m addicted to acquisition.” Dear fundraiser, let’s start our day by admitting our addiction. We’re all obsessed with the idea of “new”: our new fundraising campaign, testing crowd-funding, creating best call to actions to attract prospects. Our final campaign was cutting edge; we achieved raising more than we planned. We’re great fundraisers; our CEO’s and Board’s love us! Our success should be awarded…

Former Board Members: A Nonprofit's Most Underutilized Asset | bloomerang

Are your former board members treated like the fine wine they are, or are they – for the most part – just ignored? Is there a plan in place for perhaps the most precious of human assets your organization and its mission have created? If the answer is “yes” to the two questions above, congratulations! This probably means you have a plan for former board members. If you are really on top of your game, the plan is somehow a portion of a larger strategic plan.

Top 10 Nonprofit Leadership Lessons for 2015: Think Differently | Clairification

The Fast Company Blog gives us The Top 10 Best Business Lessons Of 2014. They’re all lessons in leadership. Here’s how I see them applying to your nonprofit in the coming year:

2015 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report | Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

It’s here! We’ve officially released the 2015 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report and infographic. We’ll be sharing more details from the report on the blog in the coming weeks, but wanted you to get access to the goods right away.

Your Website is a Fishing Net |

Your website is a fishing net. Your newsletter sign-up forms, petitions, event registration forms, etc, all capture people interested in your cause. The fish are your community, who merrily swim about the web. They travel in large schools from Instagram, Facebook and Google to visit your website to get more “fish food”.

Nonprofit Board Orientation - 3 tips to starting them right! |

In a recent study, 75% of nonprofit executives said their board members weren't sufficiently engaged. 3 out of 4! With numbers that high, you know there has to be a systemic issue. Nonprofits are doing amazing things around the world. People work and volunteer at them to add meaning and value to their lives. So there's no way tens of thousands of people are waking up each morning saying, "I wonder how sufficiently un-engaged I can be with a cause I value today." I'd be very interested to ask each of the 75% of frustrated nonprofit executives if they have any orientation for their new board members. In my experience working with nonprofits around the world, most don't have a formal orientation program. Worse still, those that do rarely actually use it.

The Best Ideas CAN Come From the Quietest People in the Room | Association Adviser

...Results of our latest unscientific reader poll show that your peers overwhelmingly agree that some of the best ideas come from the quietest people in the room. About half (50 percent) of respondents strongly agreed with that statement and the remaining 50 percent agreed with it to a certain extent. Susan Neely, CAE, president and CEO of the American Beverage Association and chair of the ASAE Foundation Board, told us recently that listening is essential for strong leadership. “Listening is not only key to communicating, it’s critical to bringing people together and shaping good public policy.

Adopt These Four Values To Super Charge Your Conference Participant Peer Learning | Midcourse Corrections Blog

In today’s high-tech, information-at-your-thumbs world, education models have shifted. Our conference participants now have the capacity and cultural motivation to produce their own knowledge. They experience overwhelmingly support for creating and sharing information and connections in their daily lives.

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