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Latest Posts

Scary Stats 2014: 10 Terrifying Workforce Truths | XYZ University

Brace yourself. This is scarier than any hairy spider, mean clown costume, or horror flick you could possibly see this Halloween. Last year, XYZ University sent out its Scary Stats debut, and it’s baaack and scarier than ever.

Making Sense of Social Media Analytics | Mizz Information

Whew, it's been a busy few weeks. At the beginning of October, I had the pleasure of finally going to (or at least *near*) Boston for the first time in my (long) life to present about social media analytics at NESAE's Technology Conference. It's a topic that I think is really important for associations, yet also a challenge for them. Whereas a few years ago in the association community, social media was a topic that dominated almost every event agenda, the topic has all but fallen off the radar in favor of this year's hot topics, content marketing, big data and the like. The good news is that this is partly because associations seem to have mostly moved beyond the "should we be doing social media?" conversation and social media has, for the most part, become an integral part of most association's strategies across a number of departments.

Online communities and member retention | XYZ University

The only way way your association is going to be able to retain members is by making them feel connected to you and by providing them value. Why else would they pay membership dues? If they can have the same experience elsewhere, there’s nothing to keep them from going elsewhere.

Beginner's Guide to Google Ad Grants | SocialFish

[Cool Infographic Friday] Beginner's Guide to Google Ad Grants. Thank you Kate Miller for the share! Any nonprofits reading this taking part in this program? Would love to know how it’s going.

9 Tricks to BOOst Nonprofit Social Media Traffic and Engagement - Part 1 | Clairification

I want you to have more than a ghost of a chance at generating leads and converting visitors into supporters. And that’s why I’m offering up 9 tricks to help you make your social media strategy worth the effort you’re putting into it. In fact, these 9 tricks are really treats. If you use them, no one will end up with rotten egg on their face. So… fear not! Why the heck not get in the spirit and … go for the ghoul?

Vampires, Werewolves, and Donors |

My family and I went camping over Labor Day weekend. On the side of the road I saw something unusual. It got me thinking about the power of storytelling and how the right stories can attract a large group of supporters. So, I filmed this short little video for you. There are 3 tips to help you tell more powerful and engaging stories. Actually, I snuck in a forth tip as well. I think you'll find it useful. Feel free to share the video with your friends.

16 Top Fundraisers on the Lessons of Scary Movies | Selfish Giving

I asked 16 fundraising experts if nonprofits could learn anything from scary movies. What they said made my hair stand on end. But one expert made me laugh.

Why The Best Volunteers Just Moved | Tech Impact Blog

Despite 10% of the American workforce working in the nonprofit sector, nonprofit organizations still rely heavily on volunteers to complete its mission. That being said, nonprofits everywhere are constantly looking for enough volunteers, to bolster up its roster. Chances are good a time or two you’ve had trouble filling out your ranks of volunteers for an event or fundraiser.

How to Use Content Marketing to Drive Cause Marketing Success | ForMomentum

One of the hottest terms in marketing today is Content Marketing. I bet you’ve heard of it. But you might not know exactly what it is. Here’s a primer on what content marketing is and how it can drive the success of your cause marketing program. I’m speaking from experience. I started my blog, Selfish Giving, in 2004 shortly after I was hired to launch the cause marketing program for a large hospital. I blogged to share success stories and to show other businesses how we could work together. Content helped! During my tenure, we partnered with dozens of businesses and raised millions of dollars. Since then, I’ve used content marketing to grow my consulting business and to help my nonprofit clients expand their fundraising.

8 Reasons Why Bad Trainings Happen to Good Nonprofits | Beth’s Blog

Nonprofit training can take on many shapes and forms – leadership, management, technology, volunteer, board development, fundraising, and the list goes on. While some trainings are informative and deeply enriching, others are…well, just down right boring. Training and education are essential drivers and serve an important function for improving employee performance, satisfaction and yes, even increasing staff retention. So why aren’t nonprofits focused more on developing quality training programs?

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