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Information Cycle Changes Drive Conference Education Reform | Midcourse Corrections Blog

Conferences (and associations) used to be the go-to source for information and content about a profession or industry. Today, the tools of content creation and distribution actually rest in the hands of individuals. Anyone can create and share content. While not everyone wants to be a content creator, everyone has an interest in organizing and packing information in their own, unique way.

How to Use Storytelling + Technology to Showcase Your Nonprofit's Work | bc dc ideas

Nonprofits have amazing outcomes to share. “5,000 more meals served!” “150% more kittens saved!” “12 fewer trees cut down due to innovative recycling measures!” Through digital tools, nonprofits can share these success stories with panache. The most exciting part of sharing your stories online versus in print is the ability for the content to live on past your latest batch of documents. The possibility for a digital report to reach more people goes far beyond who you ever could with a traditional, printed annual report. With more and more donors using mobile technology, it’s important for nonprofits to be ready.

The Art of Less As More: Micro Content | Beth’s Blog has published this really useful and free e-book on Micro Content. As our attention fragments and more and more of us are reading content on mobile devices, content creators are finding that the best way to engage audiences is with shorter, bite-sized chunks of content known as “Micro Content.” The e-book, which at 32 pages, is definitely long-form content provides context, best practices, examples, tools, and resources. I don’t know about you, but as a content consumer, I still do consumer long-form content to get a better understanding of a topic. As a content creator, one thing to keep in mind, that if you can create long-form by aggregating micro content or take the Lizzy Borden approach and chop up an existing long form content piece – either way if you create in this modular way you have both forms to publish.

How to find the perfect website donation system | Hilborn Charity eNEWS

Many of our nonprofit and charity clients reach out to us when they are looking for a donation system. As someone who has led many projects like this, I am always happy to help. The challenge is that there are literally hundreds of systems in the marketplace. While I may have my own favourites, they may not necessarily work for your organization’s needs and budget. The solution? Ask the right questions.

YouTube for Conferences and Events - Infographic | Planner Wire

YouTube is massive, it is huge, and it is growing. I am not saying that you should put 100% of your material up for consumption (baby steps) but there is plenty that CAN be posted to YouTube and this will help your conference or event audience grow.

Membership in the age of Google: What are you serving up? | The Association Executive Blog

Do you have an information desk open at all hours? Is your website an open book for your members and the general public? Or do you keep reports, whitepapers, podcasts and other benefits of your membership hidden behind walls on your website – only available to your dues-paying customers?

Surprise!  Reward Attendees With the Unexpected | Associations Now

Who doesn’t like a little “happy surprise” every now and again? In college, maybe it was that care package from your parents with a Tupperware full of your mom’s chocolate chip cookies. And as you get older, it could be the surprise phone call from a friend you haven’t heard from in months on a day when you really needed a pick-me-up or an unexpected refund from your cable company because you were overcharged. (Hey, it could, happen, right?) ...So it’s no surprise that associations should think about how they can surprise and delight their members and attendees at their meetings and events.

Horrible Nonprofit Board Experiences |

There’s an entire universe of wonderful men and women – socially conscious, committed to a vast array of causes. They are smart, they have access to funding, and they themselves may have capacity. They have so much to offer the nonprofit community. Sadly, they sit today on the sidelines, stricken with a debilitating illness. It’s called Post Traumatic Board Member Disorder or PTBMD for short.

4 Survey Findings That Illustrate a Big Problem for Associations | Associations Now

One possible solution for associations struggling with membership is rather obvious, but associations seem to be ignoring it. This and other highlights from new benchmarking research. Even though 69 percent of associations said their membership grew or stayed the same in the past year in Marketing General, Inc.’s latest “Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report,” I get the feeling a lot of associations aren’t happy with how they’re performing.

First Impressions Are One Of The Most Important Things | Smooth The Path

We all talk about the importance of first impressions in dating and love. We even talk about first impressions in the hiring process. Less talked about is the significance of first impressions with members, customers, guests or attendees.

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