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What You Will Need to Get a Nonprofit Job in 5 Years |

It will take more than a wing and a prayer to get a job in a nonprofit organization now and into the future.That's the message from some of the leaders of the most innovative nonprofits named by Fast Company magazine recently. Who are these organizations leading the way to a sharper, savvier and more bottom line oriented nonprofit future?

How Your Association Can Use Video To Engage Members | Association Adviser

There’s no doubt that video is a powerful communications tool. Using social media, email, digital publications and events to promote your videos will help you inform members of this wonderful benefit you offer.

Motivation leads to High-Impact Volunteers | Tobi Johnson & Associates

To celebrate National Volunteer Week, our new online community VolunteerPro partnered with Volunteer Knoxville, our local volunteer center, to present a workshop on Designing Short-term Volunteer Opportunities. Our awesome University of Tennessee intern, Shannon Potash, shares what she learned below. ...Tobi said many enlightening things during her presentation, but one of my favorite topics was motivation. The idea that understanding what motivates each of your volunteers on a personal level will help you, to help them, contribute most effectively.

The Membership Economy | Membership Marketing Blog

It is great to find a new book that has been waiting to be written for a long time. The Membership Economy: Find Your Superusers, Master the Forever Transaction, and Build Recurring Revenue is that book. It makes the case for the membership relationship across almost all organizational platforms.

Advertising and Sponsorships Continue to Carry NDR Load | Association Adviser

In our 2014 annual study of association communication trends, we lamented the fact that only half of associations (52.6 percent) were regularly asking advertisers and sponsors if they felt they were getting their money’s worth. What’s more, just three in five associations (59.9 percent) were incorporating the feedback they got from advertisers and sponsors into their pricing considerations and just 42.8 percent said they were trying to customize their advertising/sponsorship programs to a company’s specific needs.

How to Write Content That Engages Mobile Readers | Content Marketing Institute

You’ve got a responsive site with a kick-ass mobile design. You’re ready for Google’s “mobilegeddon,” right? Wrong.

Keeping volunteers - wisdom from the Pan Am Games | Hilborn Charity eNEWS

There will be 23,000 volunteers at the 2015 Toronto Pan Am / Parapan Am Games, each putting in an average of 12 shifts. The Games spends a lot of time and money recruiting, selecting, training, outfitting and motivating the volunteers. A strong showing elevates the spirit of the games and keeps everything running. A poor showing can spell logistical disaster. Over the years, the volunteer efforts at international sporting events have been recorded and analyzed, with the results being passed on to future games organizers. ...You might think that the chance of being close to the athletes and celebrities is the reason people volunteer for major sporting events, but the reality is that most volunteer work takes place away from the field of play. No, the reasons for volunteering are deeper and more complex, resembling Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs:

Volunteer Engagement 2.0: Pre-Order Your Copy Now! | Beth’s Blog

In mid-May 2015, the book “Volunteer Engagement 2.0” will launch and I’m proud to be among 35 chapter contributors! Can you guess the topic of my chapter? The book is about: Striking a balance between actionable strategy and broad discussion of the issues surrounding volunteerism, Volunteer Engagement 2.0 helps readers craft a volunteer program that reflects the organization’s mission and approaches daily management needs with an eye toward the future.

Volunteer Onboarding [Free Webinar] | Tobi Johnson & AssociatesTobi Johnson & Associates

...we’re partnering with Wild Apricot to offer a Free Expert Webinar: Converting Volunteers From Joiners to Stayers on the topic of volunteer onboarding. ...Here’s sneak peak of some of what we’ll be covering. Join us to learn more! Five Things to Remember When Welcoming New Volunteers 1) Commitment is a Process, More than a Destination – Even after volunteers have been recruited, they are still checking out your organization and the people who work and volunteer there. We often think onboarding is all about paperwork, orientation, and training. In reality, volunteers are still making a decision about whether or not they will stay.

Expert Snapshots for April | Engaging Volunteers

At VolunteerMatch we learn so much from other experts in the field of volunteer engagement and management, and we want to help you stay up-to-date on the latest news and trends. Here’s a snapshot to get your April going:

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