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8 Facebook Contests to Build Your Fan Base, Support Nonprofits | Selfish Giving

Pouring ice water on your head isn't the only way to raise money with Facebook. Here are eight more ways! The Ice Bucket Challenge proved that social awareness and fundraising need one social network to succeed: Facebook. As the challenge grew, millions of people rushed to Facebook to share their videos and to challenge others to post their videos. While not one dollar was raised for ALS on Facebook, tens of millions of dollars were raised because of Facebook. I've asked my friends at CafeGive, a company that specializes in social media apps that help businesses, nonprofits and marketing agencies get more from social media, to show my readers other ways they can use Facebook to build awareness and raise money for good causes.

Associations Need To Re-Think Their Value | The Membership Engagement Blog

In an era when interactions are driven predominantly by online platforms, not by 20th century institutions, keynote speaker Jeff De Cagna said associations have to rethink their value in a way that may lead away from traditional membership models.

A Board Member's Guide to Nonprofit Overhead | Blue Avocado

Calculating overhead rates and managing overhead expense are important staff roles. Board members are not required to know how do staff accounting work, but we do need to bring an informed perspective to our oversight: ...Amid the crosstalk about nonprofit overhead, board members and staff do need to understand what the conversation is really about, and how to interpret "what is overhead" for our own organizations. Here are eight key ideas to know about overhead:

Check Your Next Appeal Letter Against This 16-Point List Before Sending | Clairification

Are you starting to worry about whether you’ll raise enough money this year to meet your goals? Are you concerned because last year’s appeal didn’t raise as much as you had hoped? Are you fresh out of ideas for what to put into an appeal to generate the giving response you need to sustain vital programs? Fear not! Help is on the way! Just use this 16-point checklist before you send anything to your printer.

Magnetic Membership: Create A Stronger Draw for Your Association | Associations Now

The membership model is alive and well, but the methods for making it thrive are evolving. Associations adept in the art of attraction are looking beyond traditional market segmentation and gaining an unfiltered view of which benefits are true magnets for membership.

Don't mail without looking at this fundraising checklist | Future Fundraising Now

Here's a checklist that will help you craft a strong appeal for funds, from Clairification: Check Your Next Appeal Letter Against This 16-Point List Before Sending.

A Clever Way for Nonprofits to Prepare for the End of the Year | Joan Garry Consulting

Last week, a client said to me (with naïve surprise): “It’s like my board disappeared on Memorial Day and I haven’t heard from them since.” Your board has behaved like a den of bears all summer. Serious hibernation. And fess up. You gave up on them, assuming that if you knocked, no one would be home. So you didn’t do much knocking. So here you are. Labor Day has come and gone and now you’re “back in school.”

So You’ve Created an Event Website, Now What?! | Event Manager Blog

Much is said about how to present your event website in terms of design, and making it user friendly – but what about the content itself? Of course this will vary enormously from event to event but there are several universally applicable ways to make your event website better at appealing to and converting leads into delegates. Here are my three content musts for any B2B event website.

Top 10 Ways to Market Your Event | MPI Toronto Chapter Blog

Over the years, our team has had to "rescue" numerous programs because they had not been marketed well to begin with. Here is our prescription for a successful marketing campaign for your next event:

6 Strategic Reasons For Membership Teams to be Involved with Social Media | Know Your Own Bone

An organization’s social media initiatives are every bit as important for the membership department as they are for the marketing team when it comes to the long-term solvency of your organization. It’s not news that social media is an every-department job, but changes in Facebook algorithms seem to have increased the desire to develop social media postings that go “wide” with reach instead of “deep” with constituents. This distraction of focusing on the quantity of those engaged instead of the quality of engagement is hurting organizations – and may be particularly challenging for membership and development teams trying to integrate their functions.

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