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Horrible Nonprofit Board Experiences |

There’s an entire universe of wonderful men and women – socially conscious, committed to a vast array of causes. They are smart, they have access to funding, and they themselves may have capacity. They have so much to offer the nonprofit community. Sadly, they sit today on the sidelines, stricken with a debilitating illness. It’s called Post Traumatic Board Member Disorder or PTBMD for short.

4 Survey Findings That Illustrate a Big Problem for Associations | Associations Now

One possible solution for associations struggling with membership is rather obvious, but associations seem to be ignoring it. This and other highlights from new benchmarking research. Even though 69 percent of associations said their membership grew or stayed the same in the past year in Marketing General, Inc.’s latest “Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report,” I get the feeling a lot of associations aren’t happy with how they’re performing.

First Impressions Are One Of The Most Important Things | Smooth The Path

We all talk about the importance of first impressions in dating and love. We even talk about first impressions in the hiring process. Less talked about is the significance of first impressions with members, customers, guests or attendees.

Build your best website: a guide for non-profits | NTEN

"Don’t let your site become a camel" and other tips for website redesign processes. Where do you begin? Start by reading up on the latest web design trends. See Frogloop and Mashable articles for what's hot in 2014. ...Before you start on design, think about what the goals are for your website. For most nonprofits, goals usually include collecting email addresses and donations; all else flows from that: once you have their email, you can stay in contact and spread your message, ask for donations, actions etc. But if you try to have the website front page be all things to all people, you'll wind up losing on the goals you really care about.

How Mr. T can help your nonprofit fundraising. (It's not what you think.) |

Here's a short video explaining one of the most important aspects of fundraising: shutting up. When you've done all the researching, engaging, and you've just made the ask...the decision is out of your control. And that's ok.

How a good AMS can help trade associations with membership | Effective Database Management

In my almost-ten-years as an association professional, I worked for three different associations whose membership was based on organizations rather than individuals (commonly referred to as “trade” associations). One of the biggest challenges that trade associations have is that very often, membership in the association hangs on the relationship with one individual at the member-company. (At my associations, we referred to these people as the prime contact, or PC.) ...A good AMS package will allow a membership manager to track several key things that will help here.

The Lazy Fundraiser's Guide to Raising Six Figures This Fall | Selfish Giving

Get started with cause marketing from the comfort of your beach towel or chair. You'll raise six-figures in September! ...In this post, I'll guide you to six-figure success this fall. Let's get started by laying the groundwork of what cause marketing is (aka fundraising with businesses).

Three Keys to Inspire New Ideas From Staff | Associations Now

The best ideas for your association may come from your employees, but how do you get those ideas launched? Money matters, but so does trust and support.

5 Ways to Find Blog Topics With Social Media | Social Media Examiner

Do you need ideas for new blog topics? Do you use social media to find them? Social media conversations can lead to topics that feed your blog. In this article I’ll share five ways you can use social media to find new blog topics your audience will love.

How Small Donors Can Become Major Donors | Nonprofit Charitable Orgs

I want to be treated like a major donor. I can't tell you how many small donations I've made over the years that never grew to larger ones. Why didn't they? Because I usually never heard back from those organizations.

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