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What Is Nonprofit Technology? | NTEN

For the past 14 years, I've been working for nonprofits. I've also become active in what we call the "nptech" community—"nptech" being shorthand for "nonprofit technology.” But nonprofits, which comprise about 10% of all US businesses, have wildly diverse business models. To suggest that there is a particular type of technology for nonprofits is akin to saying that all of the businesses in downtown Manhattan have similar technology needs. So what is nonprofit technology? It’s less of a platform and more of a philosophy.

Opinion: Nobody Needs a ‘Shark Tank’ in Philanthropy | The Chronicle of Philanthropy

It was hard to believe it when the Council on Foundations announced last week that it was inviting nonprofits to join in a competition at its annual conference next month where groups would publicly suggest their best ideas to win $40,000 for a project to jump-start the economy, nationally or locally. Not only will nonprofits be subjected to "rapid-fire questions" from a panel of philanthropic colleagues, the audience will weigh in, too, and then choose the final winners. Has organized philanthropy jumped the shark? How did it become appropriate to put nonprofits on display in a competitive process to pitch their ideas like carnival barkers?

Training in Progress | Stanford Social Innovation Review

Most successful companies recognize the value of motivating employees to contribute their time and talent to benefit their community. Often, however, company leaders grapple with the question of how to maximize the benefits of corporate involvement in volunteer efforts of that kind. In 2009, the Credit Suisse Americas Foundation completed a strategic review of its various programs. One of the main findings of that review was that although the foundation had succeeded in engaging junior-level employees in hands-on volunteer projects, there was an opportunity to increase the number of senior-level, client-facing employees who participate in volunteer efforts. To do so, the foundation would need to find a compelling way to engage those senior employees and to help them use their skills on behalf of their community.

Why People Unfollow Brands On Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn [INFOGRAPHIC] | Social Media Today

The folks at BuzzStream and Fractl conducted a survey with more than 900 respondents to better understand why people unfollow brands on social networks. And the infographic below, titled The Unfollow Algorithm, illustrates what they found. Here's are some key highlights:

Must-Read Fundraising and Social Media Reports for Nonprofits | Nonprofit Tech for Good

The reports listed below are just a small sampling of some of the research available to nonprofits on the subjects of online fundraising and social media. The data can be used to help your nonprofit craft a technology and fundraising strategic plan. If you would like to suggest a report be added to the list, please post the name and a link to the report in a comment below. Most of the reports listed are based on U.S. nonprofit research, but Nonprofit Tech for Good would also like to add similar reports from other regions of the world.

Running an effective event | Hilborn Charity eNEWS

Special events can be resource-zapping, work-intensive efforts for which the return on investment for the organization is debatable. Thinking of the impact of events in your fundraising efforts, do any of the following scenarios sound familiar? - You have been running an event for several years and question if it still delivers on your stated objectives. - You are part of an organization that does not currently have a signature event but senior management thinks you should have one.

Disruption: It's So Hot Right Now | Association Adviser

Anytime I start to hear a word, phrase or idea over and over again, I immediately default to what has become, for me, a classic line from the Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson and Will Ferrell movie, Zoolander. It’s “so hot right now.” As a parent to preschoolers, I’m no stranger to the concept of disruption, but the term as it relates to the association landscape first started popping up on my radar a few months ago. I saw it on a blog here or there, we even featured a story on it in the March/April issue of TSAE’s Association Leadership magazine. Then, as I attended the 2015 ASAE Great Ideas Conference in Orlando it became immediately clear. Disruption is so hot right now.

Can Associations Keep Pace in the Tech Race? | Association Adviser

After five years, the answer is clear—the more things change, the more things change. But don’t let us drone on. To paraphrase management guru Stephen Covey, “People are so busy sawing, they tell me they don’t have time to sharpen the saw.” But if you don’t take a time out to sharpen your mental saw once in a while, your mental blades get dull and burn out more easily. So let’s take a few minutes to sharpen the saw.

3 Tips for Telling Stories That Move People to Action | The Chronicle of Philanthropy

Heard any good social-change stories lately? Did they move you to action? Did they make you think different about the meaning of justice? “For purposes of advocacy, a story is only as good as the impact it has on how audiences understand an issue or get involved,” says Susan Nall Bales, the founder and executive director of the FrameWorks Institute, a research group that helps nonprofits communicate about social problems. “It’s an empirical question whether a story moves audiences to support policies or engage with an issue.”

5 Big To-Dos for Monthly Giving Programs | The Nonprofit Marketing Blog

One of my favorite breakfasts is the Big-To-Do at Friendly’s. French toast, scrambled eggs, and bacon well-done! I’m getting hungry just thinking about it! While this is not breakfast, it’s even more important to ‘enjoy’. So, if you’re serious about your monthly giving program, make sure that you follow these 5 Big To-Dos.

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